Bee Aware: Humane Bee Removal Helps Us All

We’ve all experienced that twinge of dread when we notice increased bee activity near our homes, especially when we find them inside the house! Besides the fear of a bee sting, the weight of honeybee colonies and seeping honey, wax and waste can cause serious structural damage to a home. For these reasons, we want to remove bees that come a little too close for comfort. But it’s important to ensure that honey bees are removed in a way that doesn’t harm them — and you don’t even have to be an animal or nature lover to understand why.

Of all insects on Earth, honey bees are among the most necessary for human survival. Here’s something that might surprise you: one out of every three bites of food you consume comes from a plant that’s visited by pollinators like bees. Honey bees, in particular, are responsible for pollinating countless essential crops. Much of our food supply wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for these clever pollinators. If bees die out, which, due to colony collapse disorder and other stress, is a real possibility, humans will suffer too!

Even when honey bees invade your home or property, they need to be removed with care. Extermination and pesticides are not options. Killing bees is terribly harmful to the environment, both on a local and global scale. Every hive and every single bee plays a vital role in the ecosystem.

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