India boasts a rich cultural heritage that dates back thousands of years. Sites of archaeological and historical importance face threats from insects such as silverfish, while birds and bats roost and nest in the structures fouling up the area with their corrosive droppings and damaging the structure itself. Fabric pests such as moths and beetles are also some of the pests managed by GPFM service.

GPFM in association with various government departments help secure the sites such as – heritage structures museums and textile based artifacts.

This is achieved through unique technology designed for this specific purpose such as glass cases designed in Glasbau Hahn Germany for the protection of precious museum artifacts.

With moderate infestations, use of low toxic formulations that have been developed in-house kill pests on contact and also leave residual protection. With major infestations, fumigation may also be used. Treatment of the immediate environment within and outside the structure may also be needed in certain cases. Designed specifically to treat valuable materials such as artifacts and exhibits in museums, the Anoxicator® creates a low-oxygen environment, killing all insect pests at all stages of their development. It is eco-friendly for sensitive materials such as textiles, paper, paintings, ivory and wooden artifacts.